TAC-57 Arrives

Somerville Fire has taken delivery of a special custom piece of apparatus known as TAC-57. Built by Lee’s Emergency Equipment and designed in house. This unique truck was specifically designed to gain access to every one of the numerous parking decks located within the Borough. With the boom in construction of residential light-weight apartment buildings all around town, parking decks with access doors to each floor of the new buildings are being built as well. Especially in the developments being built around the train station. TAC-57 will give us the option to rapidly deploy manpower and hose to tie into stand pipes located within the parking decks and immediately reach the floor of the fire. If there is a fire located within the deck itself, quick access can be made to reach the fire up to the floor below. The unit will also be used to respond to smaller incidents such as mulch and brush fires. The truck utilizes a Hale HPX275-B35 pump, a UPF Poly-tank 180 gallon water / 20 foam tank, and a Hannay aluminum reel with 200′ 1″ hose. There are 2 SCBA cylinder compartments, 2 pike pole tubes, high-rise pack and supply line hose storage, and numerous other hand tools. A unique and innovative apparatus designed to meet our ever changing current challenges as our borough continues to rapidly grow in size.